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Public Involvement

The Clearwater Program addresses a vital part of the public infrastructure – wastewater conveyance, treatment, and reclamation – and may lead to expanded systems for water recycling and construction of a new tunnel and ocean outfall. The Sanitation Districts consider public involvement an important and essential element of the planning process. Wastewater treatment and water reclamation directly relate to public health, the environment and resource management within the 660-square-mile Joint Outfall System.

The Sanitation Districts’ two goals in the area of public involvement are: (1) to provide and assure comprehensive information to the public, throughout the planning and implementation of the Clearwater Program; and (2) to continuously seek guidance, ideas and comments from the public. In order to achieve those goals, a number of activities and resources have been put in place and others will be implemented as the Clearwater Program proceeds. The Sanitation Districts encourage all interested persons to become involved.

Information Sources

  • Clearwater Website. The Clearwater website will continue to serve as the central source for news and information for the Clearwater Program. As study and evaluation of the program’s components continue, and as additional materials are developed, they will be posted on the website.
  • Clearwater Newsletters. The newsletters are posted on the Clearwater website. If you would like to be placed on the mailing list to receive a copy of the newsletters, register here.
  • Clearwater Info-Line. The toll-free Clearwater Info-Line number is (877) 300-WATER.
  • Clearwater Mailing List. You can receive announcements, newsletters and other material by registering here.
  • Clearwater Presentations. Ongoing presentations on the Clearwater Program will be available to interested groups and organizations. For information on arranging a presentation, send an email or fill out the Clearwater registration form.
  • Clearwater Workshops, Public Meetings, Scoping Meetings, and Hearings. Workshops and public meetings will be announced in local newspapers, on the Clearwater website and in the Clearwater newsletters. Announcements will also be mailed to those who have registered for the mailing list.

Comments and Feedback

  • All comments, thoughts and responses are welcome. There are a number of avenues to communicate your ideas to the Clearwater team:

By mail:

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Clearwater Program
Office of Information Services
P.O. BOX 4998
Whittier, CA 90607

By email:


By telephone:

(877) 300-WATER

By attending a workshop, public meeting or group presentation. (See above to receive notification of meetings.)

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